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We are UK based e-liquid wholesalers offering white-label solutions for distributors. Retail your own branded e-liquids with us ...


Welcome to E-Liquid Wholesale UK. We are UK based e-liquid wholesalers online with a difference. As well as supplying top quality e-liquids at heavily discounted wholesale prices, we also offer our own branding options too. Sell our e-liquids branded with your logo using our white-label system and take your business to a new level.

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Our Products

E-Liquid Wholesalers Online

We offer a variety of e-liquid products to help you take advantage of the dramatic rise in e-cigarette use over recent years. We supply various flavours and bottle sizes and can offer you some of the best wholesale rates on the market.

E-Liquid Branding


We are e-liquid wholesalers with a difference. Our re-branding options mean that you can sell our e-liquids under your own brand and logo. We offer our own unique white-label options to help you promote and develop your brand through e-cigarette products.

About Us


We are one of the UK’s leading e-liquid wholesalers having been at the forefront of the e-cigarette revolution. We specialise in top quality liquids for e-cigarettes in a variety of flavours and offer unique white-label solutions on our products.

Our e-liquid products

Getting the right products with the right range of flavours and the very best quality is key to customer loyalty in the e-liquid business. Our aim is to provide you with the top products that have the product range you need at the very best prices. In addition to the best prices, we also offer different size options so if you are a start up business looking to make their mark then you can start with smaller products and expand from there. We also have a range of re-branding options to allow you to create the look of the product you require.

Wholesale e-liquids

There’s no doubt that buying wholesale can save your business a lot of money and that is why, here at E-Liquid Wholesale UK, we only deal in wholesale. We want to help you supply your customers with the products they require and to keep your costs down as much as possible, allowing you to maximise your profits and build customer loyalty. Our ranges are extensive and the flavour of products are top quality so once you establish your customer base, they will keep returning for more.

White label e-liquids

As well as offering the top quality products we have in our ranges and getting you the best possible prices we also offer white label e-liquids. If you haven’t encountered this concept before, it simply means that we don’t want you to sell our products, we want you to sell your own. In order to do this, we offer white labelling where you can have your own logo and brand added to the e-liquids we supply. This is great for building brand identity and allowing customers to get a sense of who they are buying from. That logo in front of them every time they use their e-liquid will mean that your company is entrenched in their mind and will be their automatic first port of call when they need a restock.

About our company

In a booming trade, there is huge competition for each customer and gaining their loyalty is only done through top quality products. Here at E-Liquids Wholesale UK, we have established ourselves as a top supplier of a comprehensive range of products. While the flavours we offer is extensive, our prices are kept as low as possible due to our wholesale nature. We want you to sell our products to your customers under your own brand and for them to be totally satisfied with them.

The e-liquid revolution

The e-liquid revolution shows no sign of slowing down and the key to success for any business is finding the right partners. We have the products that your customers want, the flavours they enjoy and by working together, we can offer them the prices they want. We work with companies of all sizes so even if you are a start up business looking to get into the industry, we will work with you so we can continue to enjoy success going forward and make the most of the e-liquid revolution.

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We are experienced e-liquid wholesalers. If you have any questions about our products and services then get in touch today.