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Is The Vape Trend Here To Stay?

It's undeniable that throughout the last decade, e-cigarettes experienced a huge boom, sweeping through pubs and offices across the nation as the latest trend. ...

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How Branding Your Own E-Liquids Can Send Them Flying Off The Shelves

Branding is essential in any business, and the better your brand, the stronger your sales will be. That's a general truism, but how does it apply specifically to e-liquid? ...

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8 Ways To Increase Your Premium E Liquid Sales Online In 2021

When marketing premium e-liquid, UK vape specialists have a lot of options to consider in 2021. ...

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5 Ways E-Liquid Wholesale Suppliers Can Help You Start Your Own Vape Business

If you're thinking about how to start a vape shop business, there are key challenges you're likely facing. E-liquid wholesale suppliers can help you to overcome these challenges in a number of ways. ...

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What Is The Fulfilment Timescale To Buy E-Liquids From Wholesalers?

If you're in the business of selling e-liquids, you want to make sure you minimise delays in the supply chain wherever possible. With vaping and electric cigarettes proving consistently and increasingly popular, every ounce of saving you can make in the fulfilment chain is going to benefit your business. That's why buying from E ...

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What Do Wholesale E-Liquids Cost In The UK?

Are you wondering how much e-liquids cost to buy in bulk? If you are a vape shop or online vape retailer and you are thinking about stocking up, it can be sensible to work out all your costs beforehand. Look no further, because in this blog we aim to give you a rough guide to the price of e-liquid wholesale UK-wide. ...

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How to Start an Online E-Liquids Business

While e-liquids are definitely the best place to start, you might also want to consider what other products you want to sell as your business grows. ...

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How Long Does It Take To Register An E-Liquid Product For Sale?

There is no doubt that the UK e-liquid and vaping market is doing well right now. ...

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What Is A TPD Compliant E-Liquid?

If you are selling or marketing an e-liquid, it makes sense to ensure that they are TPD compliant - both from a sales and marketing perspective.
In this blog, we are going to explain what TPD regulations are and what they do, and we’ll also highlight some of the key e-liquid regulations in the UK. Read on for more...

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TPD Compliant E-Liquids - A Comprehensive Guide for Vape Shop Owners

Selling your own flavour or brand of e-liquid is a great way to give your vape shop a competitive edge and boost your sales. Selling vape products in unique packaging or flavours will help your business to stand out and solidify your company branding. If you wish to sell a vape liquid, however, it is essential you create a TPD c ...

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What To Consider When Starting A Vape Business

So you're ready to make the leap into starting your own profitable, successful vape business.... but what does starting a vape business involve? ...

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10 Reasons To Choose E-Liquid Wholesale As Your Vape Juice Supplier

Looking to set up your own vaping
business? In today's competitive market it is perfectly possible to build a
sustainable business in the vape world - but the right partnership can really
improve your chances of success.

E-Liquid Wholesale acts as a tried and tested
partner to vaping businesses and entrepreneurs who want ...

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Is Starting A Vape Business Profitable In 2020?

Vape shops have so far remained open throughout the 2020 lockdown, and it seems that more and more vape shops are popping up on the high street than ever before. Running your own vape store definitely looks like a safe bet in the current climate. ...

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Top Things to Know About Posting E-Liquids to Customers

For a lot of our customers who buy wholesale to then sell on to their own clients, their business model involves setting up on the internet and posting products to their customers. This is a great way to avoid the cost of a physical shop but there are some things you need to know about posting e-liquids to customers. ...

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How to Avoid Spit-Back When You Vape?

Here’s a scenario – you put a pan on the hob in the kitchen heat it up. When it is over 100 degrees, you drop a few drops of water into it. What happens? It spits that water straight back out at you. And that’s a little like what happens with spit-back on electronic cigarettes – a tiny amount of hot liquid spits into your mo ...

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Top 6 Mistakes New E-Liquid Users Make

Everyone is the same boat – you make mistakes when you first start to vape. As a new e-liquid user armed with your first electronic cigarettes, you start as seems the right way, but it doesn’t always work. The trick is not to give up – vaping is a great way to stop those tobacco cigarettes! And to help you avoid or at least r ...

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Is Teen Vaping Really a Problem in the UK?

One of the most common reasons people give to over-regulate the vape industry is the rise of teen vaping. This is usually followed by a picture of someone too young to use electronic cigarettes and the spectre of a generation of young people who turn to vaping rather than traditional smoking. So is there really a teen vaping p ...

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E-Liquid Expert Calls for Regulations of Short Fills

A legal loophole could be allowing unscrupulous e-liquid sellers to create short fill e-liquids that are poor quality and could affect user’s safety, according to an industry expert. Mark Fawcett from GoSmokeFree has warned that this legal loophole that impacts short fills could see people buying poor quality and even potential ...

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Why Do I Cough When I Vape?

The committed smoker will always find a reason not to change to electronic cigarettes. And one of the most common reasons that they give for trying to vape and going back to their tobacco cigarettes is that it made them cough. So why do people cough when they vape and what can be done to stop it? ...

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What is a Shortfill E-Liquid and Should You Use It?

Shortfill e-liquids are something that you can find at many stores and wholesale suppliers – they are sometimes known as shake n’vape e-liquids as well. These are larger bottles of e-liquid that don’t contain any nicotine and are known as shortfill because the content purposefully doesn’t go to the top of the bottle. The idea ...

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How to Pick the Right Vape Mod

When you start to vape, there are a few basics you learn. How to fill the tank, how to adjust the wattage or airflow, where to buy quality wholesale e-liquids, what flavours you like. These will all ensure you can start to use one of the electronic cigarettes you have chosen. But what about the other others, the vape mods tha ...

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6 Tips to Make Sure Your Vape Tank Doesn’t Leak

There’s nothing worse – you just got your wholesale e-liquid order through, picked your next vape juice to try and popped it in the tank. You put your e-cigarette in your bag or pocket and a little while later there’s this smell, just like the smell of the e-liquid you just picked. What’s happened? Your vape tank has leaked t ...

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Can You Take E-Liquids on a Plane?

Now is coming around to the time when many people are either looking to book their summer holidays or are just looking forward to them coming around. When you are an electronic cigarette user, there are many common questions about taking your e-cigarette and e-liquid products on holiday with you. Let’s start with looking at ta ...

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E-Cigarettes ‘Twice as Effective’ as Other Nicotine Replacement Therapies

For users of e-cigarettes, wholesale sellers of e-liquids and people who have used electronic cigarettes to stop smoking, this isn’t news but a report from the New England Journal of Medicine have confirmed it. E-cigarettes are ‘twice as effective’ as other nicotine replacement therapies when it comes to helping people to stop ...

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Nicotine-free E-Liquids Found to Contain Nicotine, Australian Researchers Show

As more people than ever use electronic cigarettes as ways to stop smoking, more companies than ever are offering e-liquid products for sale or wholesale. But a problem from Australia shows that it is also important to buy from reputable, reliable sources both as consumers and as stockists as nicotine-free e-liquids were found ...

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Police Warn Vape Users to Be Wary When They Vape and Drive

Police around the UK are warning users of electronic cigarettes that they need to be mindful of their vision when they vape and drive or they could risk points on their license or worse. According to the police, if you are using e-liquid devices while driving and your vision is obscured by a cloud of vape smoke, you could run i ...

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Should E-Cigarettes Be Available on Prescription?

There is a growing awareness in the medical profession that electronic cigarettes are a viable way to help people stop smoking. For people who provide e-liquid for customers or for wholesale, there is already clear proof that those who vape no longer smoke tobacco cigarettes. But should e-cigarettes be available on prescription ...

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How to Make the Change to Electronic Cigarettes – And Stay There!

More people than ever are using electronic cigarettes and vape products as a way to move away from tobacco cigarettes and towards better health. But as anyone who has tried can tell you, the first week or so of the change is the hardest. So here’s some tips from wholesale sellers and real people on how to make the change stick. ...

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Medical Experts Say E-Cigarettes Should Not Be Banned in Public Places

The Science and Technology Committee has recommended that e-cigarettes should not be included in the smoking ban in public places as it risks people not using the option to quit smoking. The new report says that using electronic cigarettes is a safer option than tobacco smoking and the measures should be adapted to allow people ...

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How to Create Your Own White Label E-Liquid Brand

When you start selling e-liquids or electronic cigarettes, it is likely that you buy products and sell them with the producer’s branding on them. But as you scale your business and start to grow it, you might want to start offering products with your own branding on it. This is where white label products come in. ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First E-Liquids

When you first start to vape, there are a few key things that will help to make the change stick. Using the right equipment and your mindset are important but also getting the right e-liquids is also key. There are a couple of considerations when it comes to buying your first e-liquids, whether you buy wholesale or from a loca ...

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How to Travel with Electronic Cigarettes?

As more and more people use electronic cigarettes to help them stop smoking and get away from tobacco cigarettes, concerns about travelling with your e-cigarettes and e-liquids is an increasing concern. There are lots of rules when you are flying abroad so it is a good idea to understand how these rules affect your vape product ...

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Should You Offer Fruit Flavoured E-Liquids?

There are lots of reasons why people are turning to use electronic cigarettes in place of tobacco cigarettes. Most of them have to do with health reasons or the cost. A secondary consideration is that you can now get e-liquids products in a far greater range of flavours than ever before. One big growth areas in terms of flavo ...

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How to Understand the Different Types of E-Cigarettes?

If you are relatively new to the world of electronic cigarettes, you may find yourself looking at the different models and wondering what the difference is. Now there are some similarities – they use e-liquid products to create the vape which can be bought individually or wholesale. And they all imitate the act of smoking in s ...

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The State of Vaping – The Latest Figures

As an e-liquid wholesale company, we are always interested to know what the latest trends and news from the industry is. Electronic cigarettes are now available around the world and more people than ever turn to vaping to stop smoking than ever. But what are the other big stories for the vape industry? ...

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New Study Shows Vaping Helps Smokers Quit – Even if they Don’t Want to!

The benefits of using electronic cigarettes to help stop smoking tobacco cigarettes are something well known to anyone working in the wholesale and retail industries. Now it seems that not only does it help people who want to quit but even those whose don’t want to. ...

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