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Nicotine Salts – What Are They and How Do They Work?

When you work in the e-liquid industry, you realise that there are always lots of changes. New products emerge, new types of electronic cigarettes are created and those who aren’t in favour of vaping find new ways to demonise it. One of the big discussion topics at the moment is about nicotine salts but what are they and how d ...

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Where Can You Vape on Your Summer Holidays?

As the summer months come around, people are turning their attention to where to go for their summer holidays. As an electronic cigarette user, the question is also whether you can use your e-cigarette when you are in different places. So here’s a summary of the current position for some of the most popular holiday destination ...

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What’s the Law on Vaping in Public in the UK?

As a wholesale supplier of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, one of the most common questions we receive regards to the law on vaping in public in the UK. E-cig smokers are always concerned about where they can vape and where they can’t and what the difference in rules is to tobacco smoking. Here’s a look at the current situ ...

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How Has Vaping Changed the Smoking Culture?

Smoking culture and the view of people smoking has long been an issue of consideration both by scholars and by health professionals. Worries about the health effects of tobacco smoking have been prominent for a number of years but the smoking culture has only seen some change. However, the introduction of e-cigarettes and vapi ...

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Would Licensing Electronic Cigarettes Help Reassure Doctors?

For the electronic cigarette industry, there is little doubt that using vape products and e-liquid cigarettes are a great way to help people stop tobacco smoking. But there are still some doctors who are a little uncertain about the benefits. Now the chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) has said that licensing ...

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Famous people who smoke e-liquids

It seems that over the past few years vaping has become an increasingly popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. Known to be better for your health than conventional smoking habits, with a variety of e-liquids available you can vape with a number of different flavours. ...

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Tips for travelling with your e-liquids

Here at E-Liquid Wholesale we are a leading e-liquid supplier, offering up a range of flavours for you to sample. Not only this but we are also experts in vaping and everything that comes with it. Meaning that we can pass on our advice and guidance regarding vaping. This particular blog post is to help those people who are looki ...

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Rolling Stone’s View on E-Liquids

Rolling Stone is one of the most recognisable brands in the magazine world and has been a part of life in America and around the world since it was launched in 1967. With its focus on popular culture, the magazine has never been shy to have a standpoint on the major issues that affect our daily lives. In its latest article, the ...

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Where Can You (And Can’t You) Vape E-Liquids?

Vaping e-liquids has become a vital way for many people to stop smoking traditional tobacco products and there are said to be some 2 million people in the UK who use the products. Recently, public Health UK recognised that these products could help people kick the traditional smoking habit yet new EU regulations seem to limiti ...

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A Guide to New E-Liquid Legislation (May 2016)

The growth of e-liquids and e-cigarettes has continued to be a strong one and recent figures say that over 2.5 million adults in the UK use these products. But as with anything that becomes wide spread, new regulations and rules will always be brought in. Here we look at the newest legislation regarding e-liquids, brought into f ...

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Welsh Assembly Rejects Ban on Public Smoking of E-liquids

Following an extensive campaign by the e-cigarette industry, the Welsh Assembly have voted to reject the public ban on the smoking of e-liquids in public. The measure had been one of a number proposed by the Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakelord in a white paper published earlier this year that included a restriction on the use o ...

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Study Suggests E-cigarettes Can Help Smokers Quit

Quitting smoking can be a very difficult thing to do for a lot of people and they are willing to try anything that might help. Now a new study has shown that switching to E-cigarettes may help with the quitting process. ...

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Research Sheds New Light on E-liquids

There’s no doubting that the introduction of e-cigarettes and vaping has been a controversial one and will doubtless continue to be so for some people. Now a new study has shown that indoor vaping is ‘unlikely’ to be as big a risk as was originally thought. ...

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How Do E-cigarettes And E-liquids Work?

Increasing numbers of people are choosing e-liquids as a replacement for cigarette smoking, and in many cases they are using e-liquids to try and give up for good. E-liquids and the now ubiquitous e-cigarette do not burn tobacco and the only by-product is water vapour. This means they do not contain the same harmful ingredients ...

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Understanding the Wholesale E-liquid Boom

Ever since e-cigarettes have appeared on the scene they have been subject to countless stories in the press about their possible benefits and of course there have also been a few scare stories too. Possible concerns have tended to relate to more abstract notions of regulation rather than any specific causes for concern from a he ...

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Welcome to our New Website!

We at E-Liquid Wholesale, are proud to launch our new website to showcase the growing number of e-liquid flavours which we supply. Check back soon for the latest updates from the team, including new e-liquid flavours, special deals and new developments from the world of vaping. If you are looking to supply e-liquids and want to ...

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