Take Your Business To The Next Level With Co-Packing Services

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Co-Packing Services

One service we offer here at E-Liquid Wholesale is co-packing. We like to think ours is the best offer around for small and medium-sized vaping businesses who are looking to expand their operation and sales figures.

But how do you know your business is ready for a co-packing service and what features should you be looking for before you take the plunge? Here we look at some of these issues.

Are There Enough Hours in Your Day?

As a small business, you and your staff will only have limited time. If you find you’re spending too much time on production and there’s not enough left over for sales and branding, then you may need a helping hand. Production takes up a great deal of time and energy. On a daily basis, any production run can encounter numerous issues that need your attention. And that’s without considering the cost of capital investment needed to buy machinery to help you meet demand more quickly. These are all distractions that can take your focus away from maximising profits on your product through sales and marketing. In this instance, co-packing can reduce many of these headaches.

Is Your Formula Successful and Capable of Being Scaled Up?

Co-packers expect a minimum order volume, so you need to know either that you’re ready to meet that requirement now, or that you firmly anticipate demand will increase in the near future. Maybe you’re opening a new store or know that your sales increase at certain times of the year. The right co-packing firm can help you meet that demand if it’s there.

Your flavour recipe must be capable of being replicated on a larger scale and in the right conditions, so you need precise quantities and ingredients lists to give to your co-packing partner. Alternatively, they must be able to offer services to match, replicate or develop new flavours for you.

Can They Match or Exceed Standards for Production?

Your reputation as a business is your most valued asset, so you must ensure that the company you choose as a partner for co-packing meets or exceeds your own high standards. Factors to look for here include whether their facilities are up to scratch – do they hold ISO accreditation, for instance, for cleanroom environments? Are there packaging, printing and labelling standards of sufficient quality to enhance your business’ products? Can they offer quality guarantees and traceability for each batch produced in your name if needed in future?

Are They a Good Fit with Your Company?

Entering into a co-packing agreement with a large company may result in cheaper prices because they can offer economies of scale. But your relatively small business might not carry the same weight as other, larger clients on their books, so you end up not receiving the level of service you expect. Find a co-packer that works with other clients similar in size to your business and understands the challenges and opportunities you face.

At E-Liquid Wholesale, we offer highly competitive rates and a fast turnaround, along with many other benefits like low minimum order quantities and a certified cleanroom environment. Choose us as your co-packer and you could have your own liquids produced in bulk, packaged and labelled with your own unique branding in no time, allowing you to increase sales and grow your business to the next level.

Image source: Pixabay

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