What Is The Fulfilment Timescale To Buy E-Liquids From Wholesalers?

What Is The Fulfilment Timescale To Buy E-Liquids From Wholesalers?


If you're in the business of selling e-liquids, you want to make sure you minimise delays in the supply chain wherever possible. With vaping and electric cigarettes proving consistently and increasingly popular, every ounce of saving you can make in the fulfilment chain is going to benefit your business. That's why buying from E-Liquid Wholesale makes so much sense - you get your goods so much faster

Avoiding TPD Regulation Delays

UK TPD regulations are in place to monitor and control the supply of nicotine and tobacco products. TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) is actually an EU-wide system of regulations in place to determine which nicotine and general tobacco products are allowed onto the market.

The TPD regulations are generally based around nicotine content and prohibit the sale of products with too high a percentage.

E-Liquid Wholesale gets around these measures in an innovative way, allowing your business to benefit. This is by supplying 60ml bottles of 0mh high VG liquid, which are only filled to 50ml. There is 10ml of space in every bottle, which allows you, the retailer, to add a 10ml 18mg nicotine shot to the mixture. As 50ml of 0mg nicotine liquid is not covered by TPD regulations, it can be branded however you please and is not subject to the delays that you would normally experience when trying to buy e-liquid in bulk.

Further time savings can be made by having those shots supplied in E-Liquid Wholesale branding. The branding is already TPD compliant, so there will be no further delay in fulfilment times - allowing you to sell to customers that much faster.

Avoiding Every Delay Possible

Registering your brand and conforming to TPD regulations can be a time-consuming process - as much as six months, depending on a variety of factors - so it pays to make time savings wherever possible. Buying the liquid and adding a shot of nicotine yourself, supplied in pre-branded, registered, and approved packaging is the best possible way to eliminate delays from the fulfilment process.

If you're looking for fast e-liquid wholesale, E-Liquid Wholesale has already put the time and the effort in to make sure that you can get your wholesale e-liquid with minimal delay. The bottles will be delivered to you ready to be mixed, and in quantities that render them immune from TPD regulation hold-ups. With a broad range of e-liquids available, buying wholesale from us is the fastest and easiest way for all manner of e-liquid retailers. Get in touch to find out more.

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