How To Make The Change To Electronic Cigarettes - And Stay There!

How To Make The Change To Electronic Cigarettes - And Stay There!


More people than ever are using electronic cigarettes and vape products as a way to move away from tobacco cigarettes and towards better health.  But as anyone who has tried can tell you, the first week or so of the change is the hardest. So here are some tips from wholesale sellers and real people on how to make the change stick.

Why Is It So Hard?

There are two components to smoking – the nicotine addiction and the actual process of smoking. For some, the second part is the one that catches them out because the e-liquid contains nicotine for the cravings, but they miss the act of smoking.

That’s why e-cigarettes are such an ideal way to stop smoking – they substitute the act of smoking a cigarette for the act of using an e-cigarette instead. You keep the routine and pleasurable parts of the process while dramatically cutting the health risks. According to the Royal College of Physicians, the risk could be reduced by as much as 95%.

Start With The Right Mindset

By making the decision to get away from tobacco cigarettes and switch to vaping, you have already made a huge step, but you need the right mindset if you are going to get through that tricky first few days. If you are serious about the change, you are more likely to stick with it than if you are uncertain or doubting the move.

Vaping is different from smoking so you need to allow yourself to adapt to this. You get the nicotine hit and the routine is there, it is just a little different. You might also find you don’t like the flavour of the e-liquid or that the vaping device isn’t right for you. Don’t be put off, you can simply try something different. You might even have a little cough when you first start – don’t worry that’s just your body adapting.

Have Supplies Ready

Another reason people run into trouble is they don’t stock up and find themselves falling back to tobacco cigarettes to fill in. You want to have your chosen e-cigarette or even two if you are unsure. You also want to have a spare battery so that there’s no reason not to use it and to smoke a cigarette instead.

Have a stock of e-liquids in a few different flavours and strengths. That way if you don’t like one, you can switch to something different and avoid falling back into bad habits. And also have a spare coil if your e-cigarette uses one as you can burn through these quite quickly when you first start, and the device doesn’t work without one.

Preparation Equals Success

Mindset and preparation are key when you want to make the switch to e-cigarettes. By having the right equipment and supplies ready, you can make sure you don’t give yourself an excuse to go back to the tobacco cigarette. And you will be making the first steps to be smoking-free and have a future with better health!

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