Top Things To Know About Posting E-Liquids To Customers

Top Things To Know About Posting E-Liquids To Customers


For a lot of our customers who buy wholesale to then sell on to their own clients, their business model involves setting up on the internet and posting products to their customers. This is a great way to avoid the cost of a physical shop but there are some things you need to know about posting e-liquids to customers.

Bottling E-Liquids

To start with, before you post the item, there are some requirements around the bottle themselves. They need to have a child-resistant cap (CRC) to ensure that children cannot open the bottle. The reason is simple – vape juice is often colourful and has fun flavours, but this can be mistaken as something suitable for children. The CRC is to ensure no child accidentally opens the package.

The label also should have certain symbols on them to identify the substance inside. These need to cover at least 1/15th of the package label under the new CLP regulations to make it clear that the bottle contains a potentially hazardous liquid. There is also a minimum size of 1cm for the symbols on smaller bottles such as nicotine shots.

Finally, there should be some details about what is hazardous in the package and what to do if it is incorrectly used. What to do if swallowed, what happens if it touches the skin as well as storing suggestions and percentages of ingredients should also be included. When you work with a top-quality wholesale supplier, this will all be in place before you receive your order.

Posting E-Liquids

In recent times, the rules around posting liquids and other substances have become a lot tighter. Sadly, the world has grown more paranoid and while it is understandable, it means that businesses have to be a lot more aware of the rules. The last thing you want is to send someone their new electronic cigarette liquid and it not be delivered due to postal rules.

Under the current rules, e-liquids are classed as toxic liquids because they contain nicotine. Under Royal Mail’s rules, you cannot send an item in the normal post if there is a chance it can cause death or injury if swallowed, inhaled or by skin contact. This means that they currently class e-liquids alongside things like rat poison! But it also means if you are a seller and sends e-liquids in the post, you could find yourself in trouble and there’s a good chance that your item will not be delivered.

The best option is to find a courier service that can deliver the items under their rules. Courier services work a little different to Royal Mail, but it is always best to ensure they will accept the e-liquids before you place an order. They will also be able to give you quotes for delivery so you can show this on your website and ensure clients understand the cost of delivery and the method.

Complying With The Rules

Like with many things when you vape, the rules are often a little awkward and don’t quite fit the industry. But it is important to comply with them when you are in business to ensure you grow and don’t run into problems.

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