How Has Vaping Changed The Smoking Culture?

How Has Vaping Changed The Smoking Culture?

Smoking culture and the view of people smoking has long been an issue of consideration both by scholars and by health professionals. Worries about the health effects of tobacco smoking have been prominent for a number of years but the smoking culture has only seen some change. However, the introduction of e-cigarettes and vaping has finally made a change to the smoking culture that health professionals were unable to do.

E-Cigarette Results

Electronic cigarettes have already impacted both how people see smoking and the future of habit. They are already seen as a safer choice than real cigarettes and a way to stop smoking these with their associated health dangers. Smoking has been one of the leading causes of preventable cancer and the e-cigarette has been embraced as a way to reduce these risks.

One of the concerns about the use of vaping is that it will encourage people to smoke who don’t already use tobacco cigarettes. But studies from Cancer Research UK show that e-cigs don’t transition people into smoking but can instead perfectly replace their regular smoking habits by allowing them the pleasure of smoking without the dangers.

Healthier Alternative

This ability for vaping to mirror the pleasure of smoking is one of the reasons that people find it a great way to give up tobacco cigarettes. Vaping allows those pleasures without the dangers. And it is clearly a healthier alternative.

Studies on people using e-cigarettes show they have a much lower level of carcinogens and other chemicals in their bodies than those smoking tobacco cigarettes. This means a lower risk of lung disease, cancer and heart disease. Another side effect of smoking that is less well known is that the smoke causes stress on the cells in the arteries which can also increase the chance of heart disease.

Moving Away From Addiction

The problems with smoking aren’t just physical but psychological. Nicotine is addictive and it can be very difficult to simply stop smoking because of this addictive property. However, vaping allows people to reduce the amount of nicotine they have in their system while keeping away from the hazardous toxins also found in tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping is cleaner and smokeless, allows people to satisfy the nicotine addiction and is welcomed in more locations than tobacco smoking is. This makes it an ideal way to solve the addiction issue associated with smoking.

Government Backing

While there are still some who have concerns about vaping, many government agencies and prominent charities have come to recognise that vaping and e-cigarettes can be a great way to help people deal with the problem of smoking tobacco cigarettes. It helps satisfy the urge to smoke and reduces dramatically the harmful side effects.

You can also avoid many no-smoking zones that have made smokers feel like outcasts since the ban came into force. People can use them without bothering others around them and can personalise the flavours and the devices to suit their preferences. And the long-term benefits for the health service are also clear.

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