How Long Does It Take To Register An E-Liquid Product For Sale?

How Long Does It Take To Register An E-Liquid Product For Sale?

There is no doubt that the UK e-liquid and vaping market is doing well right now. With more people switching to vaping from traditional smoking, a greater range of e-liquids for people to buy and more places to buy them from, the whole sector is buoyant. This might encourage you to bring your own e-liquid product to market and start to make money from this industry too.

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Before you jump in and start your own vape business or launch your own new e-liquid though, you need to know the regulations in this sector first.

TPD Regulations Vaping Businesses Must Know

If you are starting a vape business or developing a new product, you must get to grips with all the relevant laws first. One of the most crucial are TPD vaping regulations. Standing for Tobacco Products Directive, TPD 2014/14/EU directives set out new rules around e-cigs and refills which contain nicotine (Article 20) as of May 2016.

The MHRA is the relevant authority that carries out these rules and is responsible for keeping an eye on any new products in the sector. In general, TPD rules carried out by the MHRA ensure minimum standards of safety and quality for consumers.

UK TPD Regulations - What Do They Mean In Practice?

In simple terms, you must let the MHRA know about your new vaping business or new e-liquid in advance. This is a legal necessity to begin trading or to start selling your new e-liquid. For new e-liquids, the MHRA must be notified 6 months in advance of any being launched into the UK market.

How Do You Notify The MHRA Of A New Product?

Notifying the MHRA of a new e-liquid you wish to register is fairly simple. Notifications are done online via the EU-CEG portal. You would first need to create an ECAS account to use this portal and apply for a submitter number through it. Once you get a submitter number, you can process your application further via the EU-CEG website. It is then a case of submitting the relevant details of your new e-liquid as directed on this site to register it.

What Happens Next?

Once your notification has been published in the list on the MHRA website, you can launch your new product in the UK. If your notification has been published before 6 months is up, you do not need to wait the remainder of the 6 months to start selling it. It is key to note that any current product which has changed substantially is counted as a new product. This means it will therefore need to be registered as such.

Why Not Buy From E-Liquid Wholesale Ltd Instead?

The short answer is that a new e-liquid can take up to 6 months to register with the relevant UK authorities. If you are starting a vape business, this might be too long to wait. In this case, why not buy fully approved, ready to sell e-liquids from us? Our top-class products come at wholesale prices so you get the best deal possible. Browse our website or get in touch at today for more details.

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