How to Create Your Own White Label E-Liquid Brand

How to Create Your Own White Label E-Liquid Brand

When you start selling e-liquids or electronic cigarettes, it is likely that you buy products and sell them with the producer’s branding on them.  But as you scale your business and start to grow it, you might want to start offering products with your own branding on them. This is where white-label products come in.

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What Is White-Label?

White label is sometimes known as private label and the idea is that it is a product that the wholesale manufacturer has created but that doesn’t carry their branding on it. We see it in supermarkets all the time – not every product that a supermarket sells is their own product. Often these are made by another company and branded with Tesco or Sainsbury’s logos and branding elements.

When you are buying a product online to sell either online or in your own vape shop, the process can be even easier. The key is to find the right partner to work with to make the products and then brand them accordingly for your company.

White Label E-Liquids

The process begins with the creation of your branding. This is key to make the products your own and you can either create this yourself or work with the white label company to do this. Here at E-Liquid Wholesale, we work from the brand idea or conception through to the release of the product so that the process is made much easier and involves fewer people and coordination than working with a branding specialist first. We can even get great prices on outsourced design work if this is needed.

Once the brand is in place, we can move to the next step of the process. We offer a free label design and set up so that the products you buy will have your branding on them and are ready for sale. We can even change the flavour names to make them even more unique and yours. With a rapid 3 day turnaround, once label design is complete for 2000 bottle orders, you can be selling your products in a week.

Other Things To Look For

When you are searching for a white label product partner for e-liquids, there are a few other things to look out for. For starters, look for a low minimum order quantity when you start out so that you can test your market and see what sells.

Make sure that the company you choose is fully TPD compliant and has full laboratory testing and a confirmation certificate as well as full batch code traceability. This helps you to ensure you are compliant and able to comply with all regulations that affect the sale of e-liquids. Also, ensure that all liquids are prepared and bottled in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

As well as compliance issues, it is worth looking for companies that are constantly adding new flavours, making the most of trends and who provide different nicotine strengths. This flexibility means you can always be at the forefront of the market and offering new products for your clients to keep them coming back.

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