How To Start An Online E-Liquids Business

How To Start An Online E-Liquids Business

More people than ever are turning to e-liquids and electronic cigarettes to help them stop smoking and get away from the dangers of tobacco cigarettes. This means the demand for these products is at an all-time high. While some people are opening shops on the high street to sell products, a great outlet is to set up an online store. But what are the basics you need to know to start an online e-liquids business?

Find The Right E-Liquid Supplier

To start with, you need to decide what kind of products you plan to stock. Are you looking to attract people just looking for e-liquids or are you seeking to fulfil the whole vape order and sell electronic cigarettes as well?

With e-liquids, it is best to start working with a wholesale company that offers a range of different flavours and nicotine strengths. What you want is called a white-label service – in other words, the products don’t carry the branding of the wholesaler but instead carry your own brand. Look for companies that offer free label design and setup, have an extensive range of flavours and can change the name of the flavours to make them unique for your company.

Also, check that they are fully TPD compliant and have full laboratory testing with a confirmation certificate. Liquids need to be prepared and bottled in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom to comply with the regulations. And check their turnaround time to help you decide how often you are likely to need to reorder.

Decide On Your Product Ranges

Once you find the right supplier, you can decide on the product ranges you are going to offer. You may want to start with a few popular flavours or products then start to add new ranges as you begin to get traffic to your website.

You could also look to work with the wholesaler to create something a little different. Development takes a little planning ahead but allows you to create something unique that could be your main product, with other e-liquids also offered.

What Other Products Will You Sell?

While e-liquids are definitely the best place to start, you might also want to consider what other products you want to sell as your business grows. There are lots of options including mods and batteries for some of them or charger cords, tanks, coils and replacement glass for tanks.

You can sell all in one vape pens, e-cigarettes and even elements such as cotton and wire to allow people to replace the key elements within their e-cigarette that tend to wear down with use. Look at packaging and posting options for the different products as these will often be more than for bottles of e-liquids.

Set Up Your Website

When you are ready to set up your website for your online vape shop, you may want to use platforms that are easy to work with or have a designer create something bespoke. You will want a legal age check before people enter the site and make it possible for customers to leave reviews for that crucial social proof. And don’t forget to have a facility to add your own blog, just like this one!

Image Source: Unsplash

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