Understanding The Different Types Of E-Cigarettes

Understanding The Different Types Of E-Cigarettes

If you are relatively new to the world of electronic cigarettes, you may find yourself looking at the different models and wondering what the difference is. Now there are some similarities – they use e-liquid products to create the vape which can be bought individually or wholesale.  And they all imitate the act of smoking in some way. But let’s looks at some of the most common styles of e-cigarettes on the market.

Electronic Cigarette Basics

There are three types that are commonly seen on shop shelves and on the internet – the clearomizer, the glassomizer and the cartomizer. While all three do the same basic job, there are some differences. All three have the e-liquid container, the atomizer coils and a battery that screws into place.

With a cartomizer, there is a cotton-like filament within the tank that absorbs the liquid. This is then fed to the coils and evaporates due to the heat created by the battery, creating the vape. With a clearomizer, however, there is no filament. Instead, there is a wick that absorbs the liquid and sends it to the coil. They also have larger plastic reservoirs to hold various volumes of e-liquids.

The third variety, the glassomizer, works in the same way as a clearomizer but has an e-liquid reservoir that is made from glass rather than plastic. This is usually Pyrex glass that will last a lot longer than plastic tanks that can erode over time.

The Atomizer Coil

With all three types of electronic cigarettes, the atomizer coil is the element that receives the e-liquid and then creates the vapour. This means that it is the core element of the electronic cigarette and does need to be changed periodically. How easy this is to do can help you choose the right e-cig as well.

You will know when your coil starts to deteriorate because the taste and performance of the e-cig will alter.  At first, you get large vapour clouds with strong flavours from the e-liquids. But if the vapour starts to face or the flavour isn’t as strong, this is a sign the coil may soon need replacing. When this becomes a slightly burnt taste, you know it needs replacing straight away or the device may stop working.

Different models have different types of atomizer coil – bottom coils and top coils are the two most common. This just refers to where in the device the coil is located. You simply unscrew the top or base to access it and unscrew the atomizer. Then replace it and put the top or bottom cap back in place.

Cleaning An Electronic Cigarette

The final thing to consider when choosing a model is how easy is it to clean? If you have a reusable model, you will be able to clean it, but the different models have different levels of disassembly. Some can be completely disassembled for cleaning purposes while others are only partially taken apart. Check with your provider about how to clean the device before you purchase it to make sure the process is a simple one for you to manage.

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