Should You Offer Fruit Flavoured E-Liquids?

Should You Offer Fruit Flavoured E-Liquids?

There are lots of reasons why people are turning to use electronic cigarettes in place of tobacco cigarettes. Most of them have to do with health reasons or the cost. A secondary consideration is that you can now get e-liquids products in a far greater range of flavours than ever before. One big growth area in terms of flavours is that of the fruit flavoured vape juice. But if you are working with a wholesale supplier, should you consider buying fruit flavoured e-liquids to sell to your customers?

Why Go Fruity?

There’s no doubt that there is a section of the vaping community that likes their nicotine to be simple and mimic more closely the smells and flavour of a traditional cigarette. This makes it easier for them to switch away from more harmful tobacco products and use e-cigarettes instead. For them, the idea of fruit flavoured cigarettes is a weird one.

But for many of the younger generation of smokers who are switching to vaping, fruit flavours are a fun change from the ‘boring’ flavours of normal liquids. These fruit and dessert flavours offer something different in their vaping routine.

What Kind Of Flavours Are Available?

When you first start looking to stock fruit flavoured vaping liquids, it can be an idea to begin with some of the basic flavoured. These are instantly recognisable to your customers who will have an idea of what the flavour will taste like and what they already like. This makes them keen to try something new. A few good basic starters flavoured can include:

  • Apple

  • Banana

  • Cherry

  • Grape

  • Pineapple

  • Raspberry

  • Strawberry

  • Watermelon

All of these flavours are well known to customers and people will have their favourite fruit that they want to try in a vaping liquid. Fruit mixes are another good option, combining a number of these flavours into new, more interesting e-liquids such as cranberry-raspberry, strawberry-kiwi or berry blast.

Sweet Treats

Once you know there is an interest in fruit flavours, you can take things one step further. Sweets and desserts flavours mimic any number of well known sweet treats and have real appeal to younger vapers as well as some older ones who love the real thing.

Ideas you can try with your customers include apple cinnamon drops, blackjaxx, blueberry lime bonbons, bubblegum, cola bottles, lemon sherbet or even pear drops. Then there are the dessert-inspired flavours such as blackberry crumble.

Develop Your Own

The final step in the process can be to look at creating your own bespoke flavour that is unique to your company.  This can be anything from an unusual but popular fruit flavour to a tasty fruit mix. Or you can aim to mimic the flavour of a popular dessert in your area. By working with a wholesale expert in flavour development, you can have a product that is uniquely yours and can be marketed as something not available through any other supplier.  And quickly find yourself sending your new fruit flavoured vaping liquid all around the country!

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