Understanding The Wholesale E-Liquid Boom

Understanding The Wholesale E-Liquid Boom

Ever since e-cigarettes have appeared on the scene they have been subject to countless stories in the press about their possible benefits and of course there have also been a few scare stories too. Possible concerns have tended to relate to more abstract notions of regulation rather than any specific causes for concern from a health perspective. Of course, we know that nicotine is not good for your health, however in comparison to the toxic cocktail of tar and additives in normal cigarettes they are far cleaner to the environment – most vapers would agree to your health too.

A Viable Alternative To Smoking

The enormously harmful effects of cigarette smoke are so well known that people are desperate to give up smoking and most have longed for an easy, enjoyable way to do so. Rather than describing e-liquids as a way of giving up smoking, in fact, they are an alternative to it. The arrival of e-liquids on the scene potentially gives smokers a better option and awareness of the possible benefits of e-liquids as an alternative to smoking is now common knowledge. Inhaling e-liquid vapour offers a way for people to continue to “smoke” – or get the nicotine they want – without actually giving up anything.

Smoking As An Embarrassing Habit vs E-Liquids As Socially Acceptable

As traditional cigarette smokers are continually punished and ostracised for their habit they have found places where they can enjoy a smoke more and more scarce. They often feel embarrassed and perhaps even a little humiliated in having to stand in the pouring rain outside a pub or their office, in full view of the passing public. Giving up nicotine is not easy, and the fact that e-liquid based vape cigarettes are permissible in many more places makes it a solution to their predicament. Giving up harmful cigarettes may even be a simple by-product in their desire to do something more socially acceptable, but the sales of wholesale e-liquids have certainly boomed as a result. Thank in large part our damp climate for making outdoor smoking so un-enjoyable much of the time!

Passive Smoking And Business

Although many businesses and establishments are wary of allowing indoor vaping of e-liquids, the fact that the only emission is water vapour means that inevitably they will remain much more socially acceptable than old-style passive smoking was. As time goes by we expect to see more and more businesses welcoming vaping and wholesale e-liquid sales to climb further as a result. Within our industry, we need to communicate this benefit ourselves as much as we can and encourage businesses and organisations to allow e-liquids to be used on their premises. The more people are educated about our products, the more people there will be who feel comfortable being next to someone inhaling e-liquid through an electronic cigarette.

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