What Do Wholesale E-Liquids Cost In The UK?

What Do Wholesale E-Liquids Cost In The UK?

Are you wondering how much e-liquids cost to buy in bulk? If you are a vape shop or online vape retailer and you are thinking about stocking up, it can be sensible to work out all your costs beforehand. Look no further, because in this blog we aim to give you a rough guide to the price of e-liquid wholesale UK-wide.

We start by explaining the pricing structure, before providing you with approximations for price ranges on shortfalls and nicotine shots. And remember, if you finish reading and are still scratching your head, or would like to place an order, visit our homepage or call 0800 772 3204.

E-Liquids Pricing Structure

The simplest way to understand the pricing structure pertaining to e-liquids for wholesale is to think 'higher and larger = cheaper'. What do we mean by that? As a general rule of thumb, the higher the number of bottles you order, the cheaper each bottle will work out as. By the same token, the larger the size of the bottles you are ordering, the cheaper you can expect the overall volume of e-liquid you are purchasing to cost.

E-Liquid Shortfills

So what about prices for a shortfill stock? Of course, prices will vary from wholesaler to wholesaler, but we have provided the following prices ranges as a guide. In general, you would be hard-pressed to find a shortfill any cheaper than £1.20 per bottle on the e-liquid wholesale market. And at the upper end of the range, you should be asking serious questions if shortfills work out at anything more expensive than £4.50 per bottle. Please note that both of the prices we have given here are exclusive of VAT.

Strength Of E-Liquid

Something to keep in mind is the flavour concentration of each bottle. Many cheaper wholesalers cut their liquid with such low levels of flavour (as low as 8%!), the customer won’t get much taste out of their vape and will end up vaping more to get the same level of satisfaction – this leads to a pretty unsatisfied customer in the long run! At E-Liquid Wholesale we use 20-25% flavouring in each bottle of e-liquid, giving a great flavour and giving the customer more bang for their buck, so to speak.

So while it may cost less in the short-term to buy cheaper e-liquids, these generally lack taste and will lead to poor customer retention, thereby losing you money over the months and years. Buy high quality and please your loyal customer base.

E-Liquid Nicotine Shots

When it comes to nicotine shots, naturally the wholesale price is a lot lower compared to shortfills. Look for a price of around 50p per bottle for wholesale in the UK. As above, this price does not include VAT.

Call Us For A Quote

ELW offers an extensive e-liquid flavour range which is always being expanded. All of our shortfills are prepared and bottled in our ISO Class 7 cleanroom, and retailers can add their own name changes, in keeping with their branding.

Take a look through our catalogue online, and if you see shortfills or shots you are interested in, give our friendly team a call today on 0800 772 3204 for an instant quote.

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