What Is A Shortfill E-Liquid, Should You Use It?

What Is A Shortfill E-Liquid, Should You Use It?

Shortfill e-liquids are something that you can find at many stores and wholesale suppliers – they are sometimes known as shake n’vape e-liquids as well. These are larger bottles of e-liquid that don’t contain any nicotine and are known as shortfill because the content purposefully doesn’t go to the top of the bottle.  The idea is you can then add your own nicotine shot, shape to mix the two and start using it to vape.

Why Shortfills Came Along

The reason that shortfills came into existence was due to the new regulations from the EU in May 2017. In them, they limited the size of nicotine-containing e-liquid in an attempt to compromise the needs of vapers with campaigners against electronic cigarettes. However, the limit was on nicotine, not liquids that don’t contain it.

The issue was frustrating for many people, especially for the users of higher-powered e-cigarettes. For them, the new regulation-sized bottles lasted a stupidly short time and meant they were often carrying around a number of bottles of e-liquid to keep them supplied. This also meant more plastic waste.

The idea behind shortfills was that you could separate the liquid from the nicotine and not have to worry about breaking the laws. You need to buy the nicotine shot separate and mix the two but then you have the larger size bottle.

The Quality Problem

One of the issues with shortfills is that while you can get plenty of them, they are often not to the highest standards. Some experts have tested them and often they don’t meet the standards, despite all e-liquids being regulated by the EU. That’s because lots of people have started to produce them without having quality checks in place.

That is why we guarantee the quality of the shortfills we offer. All liquids are prepared and bottled in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom, have full batch code traceability and we also offer white label products for clients to sell under their own brand.

Should You Use A Shortfill?

It is true that shortfills are not for everyone. They usually have high VG e-liquids that aren’t ideal if you have coils with high resistance – the thicker liquid burns out the coils. They are better if you have low resistance coils with larger portholes because these are designed for thicker e-liquids.

Shortfills may not be the answer if you like a stronger nicotine level. EU regulations still apply to nicotine shots meaning the strongest you can buy is 2% or 20mg. Add this to 50ml of flavoured e-liquid and you have a relatively low nicotine level. If you like it stronger, this might not be ideal.

Shortfills are ideal for cloud chasing and can often work out cheaper per millilitre than other options. They have the benefit of meaning there are fewer bottles to handle and store and you are doing your bit for the environment by cutting down on plastic waste by not having as many little bottles to throw away.

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