Where Can You Vape On Your Summer Holidays?

Where Can You Vape On Your Summer Holidays?

As the summer months come around, people are turning their attention to where to go for their summer holidays.  As an electronic cigarette user, the question is also whether you can use your e-cigarette when you are in different places. So here’s a summary of the current position for some of the most popular holiday destinations around the world.


As a rule, most of the European countries allow vaping although it is best to buy your wholesale e-liquid before you go as many countries have heavy taxation on the products. Members of the EU have adopted the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) from May last year and this creates a similar position to here in the UK.


France has the highest number of vapers in Europe and you can vape wherever smoking is allowed. You can’t vape on public transport or where there are children.


Italy is quite anti-vaping at the moment and they have some serious tax laws in place that make it very expensive to buy vaping products – more so than buying tobacco cigarettes. You can vape anywhere you can smoke.


Much of the rules are similar to the UK but there is a blanket ban on vaping in all bars, restaurants and workplaces so you can only vape where you can smoke.

The Netherlands

The Dutch are pretty relaxed about most things and vaping is widely accepted with supplies easy to find and reasonably priced if you need an emergency e-liquid to restock.


Asia has not been quick to accept e-cigarettes and there are a variety of outright bans while some countries have no real regulation at all so check the local rules wherever you are.


As the inventor of the electronic cigarette, there’s no surprise that the Chinese permit vaping but there are some regional laws that might affect where you can vape.


Vaping is banned in Singapore and doesn’t even take your electronic cigarettes with you or you could run into trouble at customs.


Like Singapore, Thailand has banned e-cigs and the maximum penalty for vaping is ten years in prison so don’t risk it.

North America

North American countries are generally vaping friendly but like here in the UK there are some rules that apply and restrictions to be aware of.


As with most things, the situation in the US varies between states. It is generally allowed but there are some states with total indoor bans and others with no bans. So check out the location you are visiting.


It is 100% legal to vape in Canada with no restrictions but there may be some regional rules about specific locations


Vaping is legal in Mexico, but you can’t sell, trade, promote, distribute or produce products there. While there are no laws about entering the country with devices, there have been some stories about problems at customs so check with your holiday provider.

South America

South American countries either have an outright ban on vaping (such as Brazil and Argentina) or have unclear rules governing it (such as Colombia and Peru). Chile is the only country where it is permitted and is treated much the same as smoking so outdoors only.

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