E-Liquids Market Brands Vs E-Liquid Wholesaler In-House E-Liquid Brands - What To Choose?

E-Liquids Market Brands Vs E-Liquid Wholesaler In-House E-Liquid Brands - What To Choose?

When you’re an independent local vape shop or online vape retailer, you probably have loyal customers who come back to you time and again. So why wouldn’t you want to show them some love and loyalty back? Naturally, you want to have the best product offering to please your existing customers and tempt some new ones, but with so many retailers on the market, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.
Check Out Our BlogE-liquids are an area where you can really make your mark by offering your own branded liquids in customised flavours. In this article, we cover e-liquids market brands vs E-liquid wholesaler in-house e-liquid brands - what to choose?

Selling Market Brands

Selling e-liquids from established market brands gives your customers access to brands they recognise and trust. However, just as that strategy might win you new customers, you also run the risk that they will go elsewhere if they find a better deal or a wider product range with another retailer. If you’re a small independent retailer you can’t compel the manufacturer to create new and innovative flavours just for you, meaning you’re stuck with the product range that they offer. Added to that, your shop’s brand identity can become diluted amongst branding and promotional material for established market brands. Fortunately, there’s another solution.

In-House E-Liquid Brands

With E-liquid Wholesale, you can mix your own signature flavours and sell them in bottles that showcase your brand, even if you’re a small retailer. We supply lots of delicious white label e-liquid flavours ranging from fruity pineapple to innovative tastes like pear drops. We also adjust and mix flavours, either from our own ranges or from your other suppliers, allowing you to create bespoke e-liquids that your customers can’t find anywhere else. If your offering is different to anyone else’s, the chances are that customers will keep coming back.

Whether you choose to adjust flavours or not, our
co-packing service bottles, labels, and packs your e-liquids using the bottles and branding of your choice in a hygienic and safe environment. This means you can retail premium e-liquids under your store’s own name and branding, creating fantastic advertising opportunities and brand awareness. We fulfil orders of any volume, so even the smallest of vape shops can have their own customised in-house range.

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