Celebrities That Vape

Celebrities That Vape

It seems that over the past few years vaping has become an increasingly popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. Known to be better for your health than conventional smoking habits, with a variety of e-liquids available you can vape with a number of different flavours.

It isn’t only us normal folk who have got on board with the world of vaping, there are a number of celebrities who are also embracing vaping as a choice for them and are not shy of sharing their vaping experiences.

The Most Famous E-Cigarette Users

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ever, popular actor, Leo has been pictured a number of times enjoying a spot of vaping whilst out and about. Not only this but he has even been photographed enjoying a spot of e-liquid whilst at an awards ceremony, which may have even led to the outright ban of vaping at the Oscars.

Katy Perry

California Girl Katy Perry is a fashion icon and singing superstar. Not only this but she is also someone who is proud to be seen vaping. We have to wonder if she loves nothing more than a sweet treat in her e-cigarette.

Charlie Sheen

It probably comes as no surprise that the ever-famous winner, Charlie Sheen is someone who loves to vape. Not only this but such is the passion he has even released his own vaping line! Perhaps winning is a flavour?

Jack Nicholson

If someone as awesome as Jack Nicholson vapes; then it is a pretty awesome thing to do. Rather than wondering whether you will look silly vaping; just take a look at Jack and all those concerns will drift away.

Johnny Depp

Similar to Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp (despite his recent marriage troubles) is still the guy that many men want to be and many women want to be with. We have to admit that after seeing him vaping, we hope that vaping makes us as irresistible too!

Katherine Heigl

It isn’t just effortlessly cool men who are proud to vape, it seems that even the most beautiful starlet is in on the act too. Superstar actress and funny lady Katherine Heigl has been spotted out and about with her e-cigarette; showing that beautiful women can vape too!

So there you have it, some of the biggest names in the world who have the same habit as so many of us normal folks! It just goes to show that no matter who you are and where you live, vaping is a great thing to do!

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