How Branding Your Own E-Liquids Can Send Them Flying Off The Shelves

How Branding Your Own E-Liquids Can Send Them Flying Off The Shelves

Branding is essential in any business, and the better your brand, the stronger your sales will be. That's a general truism, but how does it apply specifically to e-liquid? Marketing and selling your own branded e-liquid is a wise move for all manner of vaping businesses, but how do you ensure it's a success? Here are the key things you need to consider.

Ensuring TPD Compliant E-Liquid Products

TPD stands for the Tobacco Products Directive, a piece of legislation that governs the sale of tobacco products. If you're not already familiar with what the TPD states, and how it impacts your business, it's important you do some research to ensure your business is compliant. Making sure the e-liquid you're selling is TPD compliant is highly important, which is why purchasing from a specialist like E-Liquid Wholesale makes sense.

Choosing Strong Branding

Developing a strong brand is the key to making your sales increase. You need to make some decisions about the kind of tone you're going for - are you going to be a high-end provider appealing to an older demographic? Or will you be more fun- and joke-focused to appeal to the younger audience? Developing consistent and clear branding is the first step to establishing a dependable customer base. Be careful not to appeal to too young an audience, though – remember, E-Liquid is for over 18s only.

Be unique. At E-Liquid Wholesale, we don't just offer an e-liquid white label solution, we also offer some unique flavour options, whether it's mixing our own flavours together, or working with a dependable third-party flavour provider of your choice.

The Benefits Of White Labelling

Private label e-liquid manufacturing offers many benefits. The first is that you can easily ensure both compliance and consistent quality in every single batch you receive. Manufacturing can be difficult to establish, especially reliably, so for many businesses, it makes much more sense to purchase e-liquid wholesale, and then apply their own individual branding afterwards.

At E-Liquid Wholesale, we don't just offer white label e-liquid UK vaping shops rely on, but we also offer a comprehensive in-house branding and labelling service. That means you can work with us to establish your branding, and we can apply the appropriate labels to the vials of e-liquid before delivery, so they will be ready to go straight onto your shelves for sale as soon as you receive them.

For more information about white label e-liquids, or to start your branding journey, contact E-Liquid Wholesale today.

Image Source: Unsplash

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