How Will Brexit Affect TPD Regulations?

How Will Brexit Affect TPD Regulations?


When the UK left the EU, a wide range of regulations was at risk of changing. After all, over a third of UK law had a basis in that of the European Union. Read on to learn more about how Brexit might affect TPD regulations, and what this means for your company going forwards.

Regulatory Retention

Key to understanding the impact of Brexit is the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, in which it was established that the vast majority of legislation would remain consistent across the two legislative bodies. This was primarily done so that the House of Commons wouldn't need to spend years debating passing thousands of laws that were already in place. That would take up months, if not years, of parliamentary time, and was instead resolved by passing this one simple bill. This means that there are dozens of industries that have been unaffected by the shift from EU member to non-EU state.

How Does This Affect UK TPD Regulations?

TPD regulations were one of the many areas that remained unaffected by the Brexit process. Having been passed in 2016 by the European Parliament and implemented in 2017, the Tobacco Products Directive set out the rules for the sale and manufacture of E-liquids and vaping products. As a relatively recent piece of legislation, TPD hasn't yet needed to go through a review process as most of the conditions set out within it were applicable at the time.

Impending Reviews

Although there hasn't yet been a review in either the UK or the EU, this could change shortly. A consultation was taken by the UK government surrounding TPD vaping regulations in May of 2021, and although the results have not yet been released we can expect an extent of change in the regulations. This is in part because a higher proportion of the population vape now than they did at the time, which could bring more detailed clauses of the regulations under a much greater level of scrutiny. By paying attention to this round of TPD regulations vaping companies can make the most of their stock, and avoid falling foul of changes in the law.

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