Is The Vape Trend Here To Stay?

Is The Vape Trend Here To Stay?

It's undeniable that throughout the last decade, e-cigarettes experienced a huge boom, sweeping through pubs and offices across the nation as the latest trend. But is the vape trend one that's here to stay, or was it just a fleeting fad? There are many differing opinions on the topic, and with the sensationalist news campaigns of recent years, it can be hard to gauge where exactly vaping stands among the public.

The Stats

According to Public Health England, the prevalence of vaping has remained stable in the past five years, rising from 5% to 7% of all adults using e-cigarettes, equating to more than 3 million adults vaping in the UK alone, with the global total projected to reach 55 million by the end of this year. This shows that not only are a large number of people beginning to vape, but they are seemingly sticking with it.

Who Is Vaping?

Over the past few years, vaping has shown (and continues to show) itself as popular among young people, with the number of young adults vaping steadily rising year on year. However, in spite of it being less popular in attracting older adults, those it does attract are shown to become committed users, with numbers staying steady in this demographic.

Primarily, what many new vapers have in common is a past of cigarette smoking. Vaping continues to be the leading health tool used to quit smoking, with over 60% of smokers having tried cigarettes at some point, and a further 20% of former smokers switching over to vaping entirely. And so, it is safe to say that vaping's position as a healthier alternative to smoking is well and truly cemented, and should continue to grow in popularity among an increasingly health-conscious public.

Just How Healthy Is It?

Ever since the rise of the e-cigarette, the words 'healthier alternative' have been synonymous with vaping and echoed countless times throughout its continued rise. But, just how healthy has it shown itself to be? Has it proven itself to be the low-risk alternative that it promised?

Though news across the western world has reported the occasional health complication from vaping, when the evidence is accounted for, it is clear that these instances have only occurred due to unregulated e-liquids containing harmful substances such as THC and vitamin E acetate. Therefore, the overriding message that we can infer from the vast growth of the vaping trend in recent years, is that vaping provides an enjoyable and popular experience that is best when high-quality e-liquids are used by reputable suppliers and distributors.

It's safe to say, vaping is here to stay. E-Liquid Wholesale Ltd is a UK-based e-liquid wholesale distributor, so to find out more about becoming an e-liquid supplier, contact us today.

Image Source: Pexels

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