A Quick Guide To Choosing Premium E-Liquid For Your Vape Shop

A Quick Guide To Choosing Premium E-Liquid For Your Vape Shop

Have you recently spent a lot of money on a new e-liquid flavour to find that it had a horrible smell and disgusting taste? Or maybe you were left shocked by the new coils burning out after a single vape session. If the answer to these questions is yes, chances are you bought a low-quality e-liquid, most likely loaded with Sucralose or Stevia to make them taste more appealing. Read on to learn all about premium e-liquid UK vape shops can rely on.

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Premium E-Liquid Vs Low-Quality E-Liquid

  • You’ll have access to higher-quality e-liquid, which usually has a higher quality flavouring content.
  • The vast majority of vapers prefer higher levels of VG than PG due to its sweeter flavour, which means that you’ll go through your liquid quicker so the quality of your liquid becomes even more important.
  • The quality of nicotine could massively impact the overall taste and quality of the juice, and poor quality can leave a bad aftertaste and an unfulfilling vape.
  • Liquid premium British e-liquid is made in a clean lab with an ISO rating. In other words, it is produced in a clean and controlled environment and under strict manufacturing processes.
  • Low-quality e-liquids often contain dangerous chemicals and ingredients. This can include prohibited chemicals such as diacetyl, Benzaldehyde or even heavy metals, an assortment of dubious flavour extracts as well as low quality nicotine, which is more suited for use as a pesticide, all of which have the ability to ruin your vape and quite possibly... your life! Premium e-liquid, on the other hand, uses very pure nicotine, using tests like the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to ensure it’s of high quality.
  • Premium e-liquid is often made in a professional facility. We suggest you pay closer attention to the product and website descriptions. It’s a huge red flag if the website hasn’t shared any information. On the other hand, it’s a good sign if their lab has an International Organization for Standardization rating.

Signs That You May Have A Low-Quality E-Liquid

  1. Your vaping device gets damaged by the e-liquid.
  2. Your e-liquid has a bad taste, or no otherwise unique or special taste.
  3. Your e-liquid has a bad smell.
  4. You can see separate particles in the liquid itself.

Why Choose Premium E-Liquid?

Overall, vapers tend to enjoy premium e-liquids and are more than willing to pay more for them because higher-quality ingredients lead to higher quality e-liquid and a better tasting product.

You'll be pleased to know that here at E-Liquid Wholesale Ltd, we’re premium quality e-liquid sellers and suppliers of premium e-liquid wholesale UK to online vape sellers and independent sellers alike. Not only do we offer white-label products, but we can also adjust flavours too. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert and friendly team today.

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