Top 7 Trends Vape Businesses Need To Know Going Into 2022

Top 7 Trends Vape Businesses Need To Know Going Into 2022

In 2021, new vape trends emerged in the vape industry that was destined to shape the choices that both brands and vapers made. With exciting shifts revolutionising the e-cigarette market, what are the top seven vape trends businesses need to know about before entering 2022?

1. Smaller Vaping Devices

As the vaping market is growing bigger, vaping devices are getting smaller. With the constant demand for technology to become micro-sized, vape pens are shrinking, allowing vapers to each carry a small vape pen that can easily be slipped into their pockets or bag.

2. Demand For Flavoured E-Cigarettes

Although flavoured e-cigarettes are already popular, vapers are now seeking more sophisticated flavour profiles to enjoy. Complex, gourmet vape flavours UK customers love are likely to be very much in demand in 2021.

3. Smartphone Controlled Devices

Already increasing in popularity, vape devices that can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth are certain to take the industry by storm this year. Once connected, users can operate the device from their phone or check the status of their vape, allowing for easier monitoring. The general trend of integrated technology is booming in the world of vapes.

4. Increased Regulations

It seems that in 2022, there will be an increase in regulations to add to the already stringent rules surrounding the vape industry. With worries about the safety of vaping in some quarters, it is likely that regulations will become even tighter.

5. Increased Popularity Of Nicotine Salts

As they are relatively unknown, many people wonder, what are nicotine salts? In fact, they are a product with an exceptionally high level of nicotine compared to most e-liquids. Nicotine salts allow users to enjoy an extreme nicotine hit safely.

6. ICE Liquids

For vapers who crave a more intense vaping experience, ICE liquids have become a go-to product and are set to become even more popular this year. When inhaled, these e-juices produce an ice-cold hit alongside a burst of flavour and are likely to be a pronounced and dominant summer trend.

7. Caffeinated Liquids

Even though they are currently banned in the UK, the popularity of caffeinated liquids across the pond is sending many UK-based vapers into a frenzy of desire. If the rules change, many vape users will be craving the enjoyment of a dual hit of nicotine and caffeine.

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