The 6 Steps To White Label E-Liquid Branding

The 6 Steps To White Label E-Liquid Branding

White labelling is the process of rebranding a manufactured product to sell it as your own. An e-liquid white label product is a more economical way to create your own brand and allows you to capitalise on your favourite existing flavours.

Check Out Our BlogE-Liquid Wholesale Ltd are committed to providing businesses with full white label manufacturing capabilities from start to finish. From flavour creation to shipping, here are the six steps to our white label process.

1. Get In Touch With Us About Your Idea

Once you notify us of your idea, irrespective of whether it’s a general concept or full-fledged product description, we can provide you with practical solutions.

Our research and development team will get to work on creating the best flavour combinations for your e-liquids that focus on your requirements.

We operate with an open mind – putting no restriction on flavour combinations so as to achieve an ever-expanding range of possibilities. You can even change the names of the chosen flavours to match your brand.

2. Choose An E-Liquid From The Selection That We Have Available For White Label Branding

We have an extensive range of e-liquid base options for you to choose from, all of which are compatible with an extensive range of flavours. Some of our nicotine salt mix base options include:

• 60% propylene glycol (PG) and 40% vegetable glycerin (VG)
• 70% VG and 30% PG
• 50% PG and 50% VG

Once you select your e-liquid, we can then blend ingredients to create a unique product with precise nicotine strength, flavours, and VG/PG ratio.

3. We Will Get Working On Designing Your Branding For Your E-Liquid And The Labels

By overseeing every stage of the branding process, E-Liquid Wholesale are able to make the process much easier and more streamlined for our clients.

This step involves working with our design department to create branding that suits your needs. We will be sure to consult your vision at every stage to remain on track.

We can guide you on the importance of shelf appeal to ensure that your products communicate a clear message to consumers and are distinguishable against competitors on the shelves.

4. We Will Need To Get Your Brand Registered For TPD Compliance

TPD compliance ensures that your product is in line with standards set out by the Tobacco Products Directive and follows the regulations that can affect the sale of e-liquids.

Your product will undergo strict laboratory testing to prove this and receive certification. This serves as reassurance to you and consumers that your product is of high quality. We can also provide full product liability insurance to increase product confidence.

5. Then The Manufacturing Process Of Your Labelling Begins

At E-Liquid Wholesale, we provide free label design and printing services. This means that, upon receiving your products, they will already have your branding on them and be ready for instant sale.

At this stage, we will also ensure that your products are packaged properly and ready for shipment. We prepare your liquids in an ISO style 7 cleanroom environment to ensure maximum product safety.

6. Once Finished, We Will Deliver Your Finished Product To You

It’s important to ensure that your products remain safe throughout the delivery process. That’s why we offer full batch code traceability and a quick three-day turnaround period.

Now all that’s left to do is sit back and anticipate your product arrival!

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