Why Do I Cough When I Vape?

Why Do I Cough When I Vape?

The committed smoker will always find a reason not to change to electronic cigarettes. And one of the most common reasons that they give for trying to vape and going back to their tobacco cigarettes is that it made them cough. So why do people cough when they vape and what can be done to stop it?

First Timer’s Cough

In a study of 600 vapers, over 56% of them said that when they first started to vape, they coughed. But the same research also showed that it was a temporary issue that lasts for the first time in the majority of cases – 93% said they don’t still cough now having been using an e-cigarette a few times.

Some vapers have noticed that they do occasionally cough. One example is when moving to a harsher e-liquid. But there are a number of reasons why you cough when you vape and most all of them will ease or can be dealt with.

Reasons For Coughing When Vaping

Irritants In The Vapour

One of the most common reasons given for coughing when vaping is the presence of propylene glycol.  Some estimates say that around 10% of people are sensitive to this with a much smaller number being actually allergic to it.

There may also be other ingredients in the e-liquid that people are sensitive to – that’s why when you are buying it, you should stick with local or wholesale retailers who use tested, quality products. That way, it is easier to see what you may be sensitive to if you keep coughing after that initial vape session.

No Anaesthetics

Did you know that tobacco smoke contains ingredients specifically designed to make it easier to smoke and reduce the risk of coughing? There are over 9,000 ingredients in tobacco and a good amount of these are dedicated to making it easier to smoke, with anaesthetic properties. However with vaping, there are none of these potentially dangerous ingredients – but no anaesthetic properties either.

Vaping Technique

There is some technique involved in vaping and if you are using one that doesn’t work for you, this will likely cause you to cough. For example, tobacco smokers often draw the smoke into the mouth and straight to the lungs. But for vapers often hold the vapour in their mouths then inhale into the lungs. If they try to use the tobacco approach, they find that they cough. And because we tend to do things the way we always have, this might explain why first-timer vapers cough the most.

Nicotine Strength

E-liquids come in all different nicotine strengths and one of the most common reasons for coughing once you have started using them is because you have gone to a stronger nicotine level. The ‘throat hit’ that you get from a higher nicotine level is much harsher and this increases the chance that your body thinks it needs to cough. So if you have tried a new liquid, compare the nicotine levels with your old one if you have started coughing again.

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