The popularity of our Shortfill liquids has increased massively in recent years, they have now become some of the most sought after E-Liquids on the market due to their exceptional quality and the excellent value for money they offer. 

What is a Shortfill Liquid?

Shortfill E-Liquids are 0mg Nicotine E-Liquids available in larger bottles and predominantly in higher VG ratios, the Nicotine is added by means of a Nicotine Shot, Our Shortfills are available in 30ml, 60ml and 120ml bottle sizes, these bottles are under-filled by 5ml, 10ml and 20ml respectively to allow for the addition of the Nicotine Shot, for example, if you add a 10ml Nicotine Shot to a 50ml Shortfill you will achieve 60ml of a 3mg E-Liquid, this is by far the most popular strength.


Why Choose ELW Ltd for your E-Liquid requirements?

1. Extensive flavour range which is constantly being added to 

2. Available in any VG/PG Ratio

3. All Shortfills prepared and bottled in a ISO Class 7 clean room

4. Full Batch code traceability

5. Bespoke flavour development(larger MOQ's apply

6. Flavour exclusivity available

7. Free label design and set-up incorporating your own brand and logo

8. Flavour name changes included as desired, to add your own distinctive style 

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We are one of the UK's leading e-liquid wholesalers and we offer own brand labelling too so for full details about our e-liquid products and services then please get in touch.

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