A recent and exciting addition to our product line-up at E Liquid Wholesalers, one of our latest releases offers an alternative to e-liquid white label products with high-quality TPD compliant e-liquid under a specialist label designed with premium quality in mind. Meet Taboo – a branded, premium e-liquid UK product explicitly designed for use by our customers.

What is Taboo?

Taboo is E Liquid Wholesalers’ premium e-liquid sale option, bridging the gap between white label e-juice and own-brand products. Created with a dark, Polynesian-style tribal brand identity, Taboo looks great on the shelf and is the same high quality you'd expect from the best premium e-liquid supplier in the UK. With unique imagery and exceptional design quality, Taboo stands out from a generic product line-up effortlessly.

Who is Taboo for?

Taboo is our showcase brand and is designed both to show off the quality of the branding we do and provide an alternative to our more generic ELW brand product. Taboo is created in-house; it can be made to any flavour or strength you need, with the specific flavour name printed on the e-liquid labels for added effect. 

What products are included in the Taboo range?

As we mentioned above, Taboo can be made to any flavour or strength, but we have a range of specific mixes, sizes, and even short fill products to suit many different niches. These include:

  • 60% PG/40% VG in 6, 12, and 18mg
  • 70%VG /30%PG in 10ml for Sub-ohm devices 
  • Short fill, 0mg nicotine e-liquids in any ratio, available in 30ml, 60ml and 120ml bottle sizes 

Why did we create Taboo?

Taboo provides E Liquid Wholesalers with a way to offer a solution for premium e-liquid sale in a growing and evolving market. Not only does Taboo reflect our commitment to exceptional quality white label e-liquids, but it also provides a service many of our customers are unable to find from other wholesalers in the UK. 

If you’re a vape company or e-liquid shop interested in our Taboo branding, products from this range will be available to purchase in shelf-ready set numbers from April onwards. To let us know if you’re interested, get in touch with our team today – and we’ll make sure to notify you when our Taboo brand goes live.

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